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Benefits of Professional Dental Cleanings

It is important to go for regular dental cleanings in order to maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing at home has to be done regularly but there are areas in your mouth that are hard to reach where plaque and tartar can accumulate.

Even with diligent and regular brushing and flossing,

it is not possible to remove all the tartar and plaque build-up from your teeth. And with time, plaque will harden and become tartar which cannot be removed by regular brushing. Specialised tools will be used by dental hygienists to remove plaque and tartar build-up from the surface of your teeth. This will generally in areas that are hard to reach. You can visit to make an appointment for a dental cleaning if you haven’t gone for one recently. When plaque builds up in your mouth, it can lead to tooth cavities and decay. And if you ignore this, the acids that are produced by plaque bacteria can erode your tooth enamel, gradually causing its decay. As plaque and tartar can be removed by professional cleanings, your risk of developing cavities is reduced. This a proactive step in preserving your oral health.

It is not just your teeth that will be healthier when you go to regular rental cleanings.

There can also be plaque build-up along your gumline and this can cause inflammation in your gums. This can lead to gingivitis which left untreated can lead to periodontitis. This is also called gum disease. By removing the plaque and bacteria along the gumline in professional dental cleanings,  your risk of developing gum disease is reduced. There are also many complications associated with gum disease. If you have persistent bad breath no matter what you do, this can be due to an underlying oral health condition. With professional dental cleanings, the bacteria that contribute to bad breath are also eliminated which can help you enjoy fresher breath. The dental cleanings will be performed by a dental hygienist or a dentist. They will also examine your teeth during this appointment to check if there are any signs of gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer or other complications. By detecting issues early on, you can receive prompt intervention so that a potentially serious condition will not progress any further.

If you develop tooth decay or gum disease and this goes untreated,

You may end up f losing teeth. The risk of tooth loss can be significantly reduced when you go for regular dental check-ups and cleanings. This is a great way to prevent getting invasive treatments. Your oral health will improve overall with regular dental cleanings and this will also bring down the risk of developing other systemic conditions that are associated with poor oral hygiene. Some examples of these conditions are respiratory infections, heart disease and diabetes. Your overall health will improve as a result of these cleanings. The dental needs and concerns for each individual may vary and your oral health status will be assessed at the time of cleaning which will help them provide personalised recommendations on how you can prevent oral issues.

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