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Features to Look for When Choosing LED Strips

LED strips are very popular worldwide given their versatility and energy efficiency. They also have a high aesthetic appeal and you can use them in so many different ways to improve your home décor, create a layered ambience and as accent lighting.

When choosing LED strip lighting look for an option that provides good colour mixing capabilities so that you can create many lighting effects. When you choose high quality LED strips with advanced colour mixing technology, it will offer seamless transitions between different hues or colours. The light output will also be uniform. You can create vibrant accent colours with LED strips as well as create ambient mood lighting. This is a great way to improve the visual appeal of a space.

There are also LED light strips that have COB or chip-on-board technology where you can benefit from its high power density and compact design. Here, there are multiple LED chips that are packed closely on one substrate so that you can enjoy a higher intensity of light output from a small area. This is an innovative compact design where you can enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to placing or installing the strips as well. So you can use this in areas where space is limited. COB LEDs are also known for their energy efficiency which is a great way to reduce your operating costs.

You need to make sure that the LED light strips provide smooth and uniform light output

A more even distribution of light can be achieved with LED strips where the LED chips are closely packed together as mentioned above. This will improve visibility and you will be able to achieve uniform colour across the entire strip. Check whether LED strip you are considering can be customised in length. Certain LED strips can be cut at specific intervals so that you can trim them to the actual length required for the application without affecting their performance. Being able to cut the strip and use it in multiple places will also allow you to save money. It is also a good idea to go for dimmable strips so that you can control them via voice control, remote or app. You will be able to adjust the brightness of the strip this way so that the perfect ambience can be created for any occasion.

Check whether the LED light strips are compatible with smart devices

This way, you can control them via voice commands, smartphone apps and automation. If you already have a smart home system, check whether the LED strips can be easily integrated into this so that you can set schedules when needed and adjust the brightness and colours according to your mood. There are also LED strips with multiple functions where you can enjoy a high level of versatility. Some come with dynamic lighting effects, pre-set colour modes and the ability to sync with audio sauces. By choosing an LED strip with a large range of features, you can ensure optimal performance and convenience.

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