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Tips for Choosing a Costume as a Couple

A great thing about having a partner is that you can dress up in a costume as a couple. This can be so fun and exciting. Halloween is the perfect night for you to strut out in the perfect outfit. But you will need to prepare a bit early on for this as both costumes have to be perfect.

You have to select a costume that is easily recognised by people. While you can choose something obscure that not many people will know, it can get a little frustrating to have everyone ask who you are portraying. There are identifiable elements when it comes to certain costumes whether you are portraying someone from a movie, comic book, TV series etc. You have to get this identifiable element perfect. This is what you will be purchasing at the beginning.

And you may be able to throw together the rest of the outfit with what you have at home as well. And staying in character is a great way to have some fun on this day. How amazing will it be to be someone else for the day? You can change the way you talk and the way you walk. This can be a great time to practice your acting skills. This is the fun of dressing up. And you and your partner can both play your parts which can be a hoot!

Make sure that you choose the correct size for the costumes. So for example, if you are curvy, it will be so easy to pull off a character that is voluptuous. So think about which character will be perfect for your body type. You can for sure pull off curvy characters even if you are skinny with a bit of padding but you will need a lot of alterations done to the costume. So it is best to order it early so that you can customise it.

And make sure you check the size chart so you have the perfect fit for the costume. If the costume is too small or too big, you will be uncomfortable and it will not help you get into character. You don’t always have to be a pair when you go as partners. You can select couples costumes that look similar or have something in common. For example, the characters may just have distinctive jewellery or they can be from the same time period. Or you can choose to be a power couple that is real or fictional.

If you have a favourite movie or a TV series you are binging at the moment, you can choose to be the characters that are in that series. They don’t necessarily need to be a couple. For example, you can choose Mad Hatter and Alice or a black cat and a witch. You can even choose items that go together such as Bob Ross and a painting. It all depends on the theme. You can choose a hilarious costume or something that is quite sexy and shows a bit of skin.

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