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Maintaining Your Wooden Flooring

When it comes to making a beautiful house, the best place to begin is with the floor. And nothing beats the look of wood flooring when it comes to bringing a sense of both warmth and elegance into a room. A property receives not only an attractive look from it but also an air of refined elegance as a result of its addition.

The vibrant fresh sheen of a wooden floor may be preserved with very little maintenance, despite the widespread misconceptions. Engineered wooden floors take relatively little work to maintain since they are constructed with layers of protection that are harder and completed with more lasting surface treatments. The following is a guide that will provide you with all the information you want regarding the cleaning of Geelong laminate floors.

Ongoing Upkeep And Maintenance

Utilize humidifiers since wood tends to contract during the summer and expand during the winter. Therefore, it is advised that humidifiers be used consistently in order to reduce the size of these gaps.

Stay away from liquid cleansers, and never use a damp mop to wipe wooden floors, the surface of the hardwood floor may be harmed by liquid cleansers, so save those for use on ordinary flooring instead. The ideal method is to use a cloth made of microfiber every day to wipe the floor clean of dust.

Eliminating Grime And Avoiding Harm

To remove debris from the floor, use a vacuum fitted with a mop that has been squeezed free of water as firmly as possible. This may be done every week to remove debris from locations that are difficult to clean, such as beneath the furniture or in the corners of the room.

Make Use Of Glue Felt Pads

To prevent the legs of chairs from scratching the floor, place adhesive felt pads underneath the legs of the furniture. It is recommended to change them every four months, although you can do it earlier if necessary.

Utilize Doormats – This Is Such An Obvious Solution

Always ensure that a beautiful doormat is placed at the entry to your home in order to keep dirt from tracking in. Maintenance throughout the long term- Polish the floor- It is advised that the floor be polished every 3 to 5 years if it is a wooden floor. It restores and revitalises the surface of the wood, giving it a whole new appearance in the process.

Important Dos And Don’ts

You need to exercise a bit of extra caution when you have animals living in your home. Trim their nails occasionally to prevent them from scratching the floor. Attractive rugs and carpets are another option for preventing exposure to wood. Use a delicate cloth that has been gently wet to remove any form of the stain as soon as it appears. To avoid scratching the floor, never push or drag anything across it. At all times, everything must be picked up and placed in the correct locations. Do you have any sticky materials, such as chewing gum stuck to the floor? Do not try to remove it by scratching the floor. Instead, you should use ice to solidify it, and then scrape it carefully.

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